View from the Back Seat: Our Big Summer Trip

Written by Ethan Williams

Ethan Williams and his back seat buddies.

This summer our family went on a three week camping trip. I rode in the back-seat with our two dogs, Ashley and Tank. Our first stop was Pensacola, Florida. At Pensacola KOA, we swam and saw fireworks over the bay. I liked the big fireworks because they were colorful  and loud. When I swam, I was pretending to be sea animals. My favorite sea animal I pretended to be was The Stingray.

Our next stop was Murfreesboro, Arkansas. It took us a full day to get there. We camped at Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Crater of Diamonds was muddy and humid because it had just rained. Little diamonds live here.  We didn’t find any, but we did find quartz. Dad got heat exhaustion. It was hot. We played games in our camper and watched Hamilton on the campground wi-fi. It was so much fun there.  

We then went to Missouri to camp with friends.

At the Ozarks we went to Bridal Cave and we saw stalagmites and stalactites. There were old boards that looked like a shipwreck in super deep, yet super clear water. It was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and felt cold. I went with some friends and Mom and Dad. I also fed fish in the Lake of the Ozarks before going in the cave.

We then went to Iowa to visit family. We had a nice camp site and we biked around town. Then we were off to Spring Green in Wisconsin.

When we were in Spring Green, we went to The Cedar Grove Cheese Factory.  We saw a block of cheese freshly made.  We bought cheese curds called Squeaks and they were fantastic and squeaky. We saw mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. And finally we ate the cheese curds.

While in Spring Green, we also visited The House On The Rock.

House On The Rock had an octopus automaton that played “Octopus’s Garden” by The Beetles. It had a water mill and pizza parlor. House On The Rock also had The Infinity Room which it looked like it went on forever. There was a whale and a squid fighting in a Sea Room. There were a lot of two story rooms and there was even a room with lots of creepy dolls. The displays were so awesome!

We then spent two days driving from Spring Green to Huntsville, Alabama.

In Huntsville, we went to see The Rocket Center to see the Saturn 5 Rocket and other rockets. The rockets were humongous! We ate at the Mars Grill. We also saw a model of Sputnik the satellite. I got a Neapolitan Space Ice Cream Sandwich, it was dry, crumbly and delicious! That day was super hot!  Mom got too hot in 10 minutes wearing her face mask outside in the Rocket Garden.

On the way home we made one last stop at Pine Mountain, Georgia at Callaway Gardens.

At Callaway, we saw butterflies in a butterfly conservatory that were so pretty. We then went on a thirty-five foot high ropes course called Tree Top Adventure. I fell off only once and hung by my harness until Dad saved me and I got back up again. It was kind of scary with the height.

I had a great time on this camping trip. My favorite part was Callaway Gardens in the butterfly conservatory. You might like it to if you are into butterflies. I would recommend going to The Rocket Center in Huntsville when it’s not scorching hot. For all the kids reading this blog, if you choose to go to any of these places, remember, have a good time.

Pro tip: If you go camping, always bring a swimsuit just in case it gets kind of hot, or you get bored.

2 thoughts on “View from the Back Seat: Our Big Summer Trip

  1. Ethan, I enjoyed this very much. Makes me want to go visit some of these places. The name , was quite funny, ..View from Back Seat. say hi to Grandma Becky for me.


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