Festival of the Arts at Disney

Wandering with the Williams Family hasn’t gotten to do much wandering in 2021 so far… but we did take a trip to Walt Disney World’s Festival of the Arts at Epcot. Our day there started late due to major thunderstorms, but then the sky cleared and a lovely evening appeared.

If you are planning to visit Epcot (or any of the Disney Parks) make sure you not only have a ticket but a reservation for the day you are planning to attend. Face coverings are required everywhere at the resort, so be ready to wear them rain or shine!

When at Epcot, plan to walk. We easily covered 13,000 steps in one evening. Epcot is undergoing major construction right now, so there are lots of walls blocking your path or leading you on an extra diversion.

Through out the year, Epcot hosts a variety of different festivals: Festival of the Arts (Winter), Flower & Garden Festival (Spring), and Food & Wine Festival (Fall.) Each of these festivals feature different activities and entertainment themed around the event.

Festival of the Arts includes contributing painted squares to a community mural, and standing for portraits in fun paintings and backgrounds throughout the park. There are also numerous artist booths featuring Disney inspired artwork. In non-COVID times you will also find fun performances such as showcases like My Disney Broadway stars.

However, we think the highlight for most people is the amazing cuisine and drinks featured in small booths throughout different countries around the World Showcase. If you are into people watching (while enjoying bite size savory treats) you can experience this at any of the festivals. Our favorite are the themed shirt groups trying to drink their way around the world in one evening.

You can also pick up a scavenger hunt map at a festival store for some added fun while walking around the world. This festival has Figment hiding in great masterpieces. Locate them all and bring the finished map back for a prize.

During COVID, Disney requires guests to be standing still while eating or drinking- which can be a challenge if you are visiting on a crowded day. We chose instead to enjoy the Biergarten Restaurant in Germany. This will be featured in an upcoming blog so check back soon!

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