View from the Back Seat: Portable Fan Fun

Written by Ethan Williams

We were at the Magic Kingdom and we were hot so we used some battery operated fans. We used these fans to cool us off by wearing them around our necks. The fan’s brands were O2COOL, VELCOOL, and Havit.  We decided to test out three different fans because we are a family of three. We stored these three fans in Adventure Backpack, our trusty bag of awesomeness.

Havit Fan

Amazon: $14.99

PROS: My favorite fan is Havit and the pro was it seemed to be the most powerful. It has three fan speeds and an adjustable neck strap Mom says is called a lanyard. It weighs 5.0 Oz which was about average for portable fans. Havit also has a stand to help stand it up. The stand is on the back in a little compartment. My fan is green but there is another fan that is white. This fan also has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB plug-in cord, for recharging.

CONS: The con was that the button to turn it on got bumped in Adventure Backpack, wasting the battery. When we opened the bag and got the fan out, we figured out it was dead. That’s why we don’t put this fan in Adventure Backpack. Good thing that it has a rechargeable battery so we can recharge it when we get to an outlet.


Amazon: $18.99

PROS: My favorite part of VEL-COOL was how the front of the fan pops out. This allows more air to flow into the fan and keeps other items out. It also has a stand on the back. VEL-COOL comes in white, pink, and blue. Mom and Dad liked this one the best because it also has three speeds. This Fan weighed 5.2 OZ and has a rechargeable battery.

CONS: One of the cons were this fan was the most heaviest. Another con was that it was not very powerful in my opinion. One more con was the stand is small.


Amazon: $9.99

PROS: O2COOL is lighter than VELCOOL by 0.2 OZ (it weighs in at 5 OZ even)! O2COOL comes in three colors: blue, white, and pink. This fan has a re-adjustable strap. It runs on two AA batteries, so if the batteries run out you could carry more, or buy some on your adventures. It was the least expensive fan we tested and could be purchased in a pack of two for the same price of the rechargeable fans we tested.

CONS: O2COOL isn’t very powerful. Compared to the fans we tested it was the weakest one. It has only one air setting, medium speed, compared to the high/med/low of the other fans. I didn’t like the color, I would have preferred a white or blue model.

Overall, having a fan to blow air on to you was cool – especially if you’re wearing a mask. If money were no object I would get the Havit fan. If you want to save a little money for Dolewhip or Pokemon cards, I would get the O2COOL and save some extra coins. Until next time, I’ll be chilling in the back seat.

The views of this blog are those of a 10 year old boy. They are not sponsored by any company or item, only prodded along by his loving parents.

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