Buc-ee’s and the Taj-mah Stalls

The journey isn’t all about the destination, sometimes it’s the unique things you come across along the way.

If your travels take you along the interstates in the South, be sure to see if a Buc-ee’s is on your route. Not your normal convenience store/travel stop, these stores cater only to traveling vehicles – no semis allowed!

Getting their start in Texas, their boast is that everything is well, BIG. This is no joke. From the moment you pull up and see the 80+ gas pumps, you realize Buc-ee’s means business. They even hold the world record for the largest convenience store with their New Braunfels, TX location.

Miles and miles before you reach the store, you will probably start seeing their creative billboards for things like 20+ feet of jerky or their taj-mah stalls. See more billboards here.

Inside, the restrooms are as advertised – plentiful and clean. There is also a wide selection of made to order food, including Bar-b-que, because Texas, although no place to sit and eat. Beyond the bathrooms and the food prep, you have two main areas to the store.

First is the packaged food and beverages that include a lot of Buc-ee’s own brand. You’ll find candy, popcorn and chips, but also jams, sauces and the largest selection of flavor-covered pretzels we’ve ever seen.

If you buy just one item – try Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets. (Sorry, not pictured. We ate them on the drive home.)

The other side of the store could just be a mini-mall. If you forgot some essential on the road, (swimsuit, anyone?) chances are you’ll find it here – but it will probably have a beaver on it. This side has a very country store feel to it with different sections selling handcrafted items from individual vendors – along with all the Buc-ee’s merchandise.

Now before you start thinking that everything is perfect at Buc-ee’s (or that we’re in love with the place) please realize there is one big downside to stopping here: people.

Yes, that’s right, this is a tourist trap and you will encounter people wandering, and driving, aimlessly all over the place. Buc-ee’s does a pretty good job of keeping the lines flowing, but you will definitely be spending some time here. This is not a quick in-and-out to get back on the road, so be sure to factor that into your drive time.

Buc-ee’s just recently built two locations in Florida along I-95, and one in in Georgia along I-75. More are on the way, so chances are you may be seeing one advertised near you soon. Until then, here’s a list of their current locations for you to check out.

Do you have a favorite roadside stop we should check out? Comment below!

Happy Travels!

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