Eating Our Way Around Disney: The Biergarten Restaurant

Disney Biergarten Restaurant

Wondering which restaurants to reserve on your trip to Walt Disney World? Here’s our candid reviews of the ones we have visited.

Restaurant: The Biergarten
Location: Epcot, Germany Pavilion
Style: Buffet
Dining Date: February 2021
Highlight: Best kept secret for dinner and entertainment at Epcot!

Hidden in the back of the Germany Pavilion (past the amazing smells of the Werther’s caramel store) is the Biergarten Restaurant. Usually a buffet, during our visit the service had been adjusted to family-style platters served at your table. (The Disney website says the buffet is returning today- August 29, 2021.)

Either way, at this experience everyone is getting the same food opportunities – no kids menus here- just adult or children’s prices. We thought this would be a safe bet with our son because along with the amazing entrees come some kid-friendly looking items in the form of sausages, macaroni and cheese, and pretzel rolls.

Kid friendly food at the Biergarten Restaurant

The price of the buffet is high (around $65 per person) but it is one of the few places where you are going to get both dinner and a show. The in-house Oktoberfest band performs at regular showtimes throughout the day. When they strike up with a rendition of “Roll Our the Barrel”, you’ll find yourself clapping along and wishing you could get out of your seat and dance. The ambience of the restaurant itself transports you across continents too. Set to look like you are seated in a German town square at night-time, it gives a refreshing coolness contrasting to the heat of Florida.

The German food is authentic and includes a rotating selection of items, but expect to find bratwurst and schnitzel tempting your tastebuds.

And of course, we can’t forget the beer! We opted for a mini-flight over the half-liter and liters also offered. Why have just one when you can try them all!

Beer fl

This visit to the Biergarten happened before the necessity to be gluten-free entered our lives. However, Disney does an excellent job of keeping food allergies in mind – especially if you note them while making your reservation.

We always recommend reviewing Walt Disney World menus online before visiting. These restaurants are pricey, and you want to make sure your family will enjoy the experience. You can check out a sample of the Biergarten’s menu here. Disney includes a page in it specifically dedicated to which items are Allergy Friendly – you just have to identify which “allergy” is yours.

We also want to give a shout out to Meagan Slone and her blog Allergy Friendly Disney (it includes Universal Studios too.) She does a great job documenting her experiences in restaurants and fast service through out the theme parks. Check out her Biergarten review here.

To Sum It Up: The Williams Family gave the Biergarten two steins raised. It’s a great way to take a break from the heat and long-distance walking of Epcot. Just remember, with Disney you are going to have pay for that extra experience, and dining is no exception. With kid and gluten-friendly options the food is tasty and the beer authentic. Remember to make a reservation ahead of time – but this is one restaurant we regularly see that has availability.

Prosts! Until next time!

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