What do you do when plans change?

As the Williams Family was doing the pre-trip checklist for this year’s big family vacation to Houston, Texas, we ran into a problem. The slide out on our brand new Grand Design fifth wheel would not retract. This was thirty minutes before our planned departure. These are the types of horror stories you hear about other campers having but think can never happen to you.

Forty-eight hours and two RV service tech companies later, the slide out was in and our camper delivered to General RV for repairs. What happens next for it and when we will ever see the camper again is to be continued in another blog someday…

This is us not camping in our truck and new fifth wheel…

In the meantime, what do you do when you have already lost two full days of your vacation and can no longer continue with your trip or even the type of trip you had planned? You learn to be spontaneous- that’s really hard for a family of Type A planners.

Brad found a great deal on a cabin near Asheville, North Carolina and we decided a shorter drive plus cooler temperatures didn’t sound that bad.

Smoky Mountains here we come!

So join us as we journal our way through the next few days with NO planned activities and only a vague idea of what to do in the Smoky Mountains. It’s the Williams Family in training to “go with the flow.”

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