Days 4 & 5: Waterfalls & Mountains

Day 4 was mostly a rest day for us enjoying the hot tub at our cabin and exploring the local area for dinner.

We did take the dogs for a dog-friendly hike to the Soco Waterfalls. Advertised as an easy to moderate hike along a boardwalk, it was a little different when we got there.

The hike was very short but straight down a dirt hill. The boardwalk was just a viewing area to see one of the waterfalls. There was then a second strenuous hike trail with ropes to hang on to down to the second waterfall. Brad and Ethan were brave enough to try it while I stayed with the dogs – both of them came back muddy.

Day 5 was an afternoon drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Waynesville to the Asheville Visitors Center. It was a gorgeous afternoon for a drive and ended at the Asheville Visitors Center to earn Ethan his second National Park badge of the trip. (We are going to encourage Ethan to write a blog about his badges.)

Afterwards we headed into Asheville to celebrate with dinner and dessert!

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